Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request interpreting services or contact customer support?

You can easily request interpreting services or get in touch with our customer support team through our dedicated Contact page. Feel free to reach out to us with any specific requirements or questions you may have.

What happens after I request interpreting services?

Once you request our interpreting services, we will assess your requirements and assign a qualified interpreter with expertise in your field followed by a confirmation email. The interpreting can be conducted on-site, remote via VRI or online video, or over the phone for translation only, depending on your preferences and needs.

What is VRI (Video Remote Interpreting)

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a service provided online with video to the client where the client and the Deaf individual are in the same location using a computer and a webcam.

Do you provide on-site interpreting services?

Yes, we offer on-site interpreting services, for clients who prefer face-to-face communication. Please contact us to discuss your on-site interpreting needs.

What languages do you support?

We offer interpreting and translating services for a wide range of languages. Our team of qualified interpreters covers major languages and dialects to cater to diverse language needs. Please contact us to see how we can assist in your specific needs or explore Our Services page.

What industries does VCS serve?

Our interpreting services are tailored to various industries, including but not limited to education, healthcare, legal, business, government, and social services. We have interpreters with expertise in different sectors to meet your specific needs.

What are the qualifications of your interpreters?

Our interpreters are highly skilled professionals with extensive language proficiency and cultural understanding. They have undergone rigorous training and have relevant certifications to ensure accurate and culturally sensitive interpreting. Our providers possess certifications from Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Board of Evaluation of Interpreters or American Translators Association.

How can I become an interpreter with Visual Communication Services?

If you are interested in joining our team of interpreters/providers , please visit our Contact page for more information and application details.

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