Sign Language Interpreting

Our sign language interpreting services are provided by certified, screened, & professional interpreters.

Services Available:

ASL (American Sign Language)
PSE (Pidgin Signed English: combination of ASL + English)
SEE (Signing Exact English)
Oral and Trilingual (ASL/Spanish/English) Interpretation
Transliteration (Signing in English word order incorporating ASL features + inaudible mouthing of the spoken message).

VCS offers a variety of modalities to ensure equal access to communication.

young female friends communicating using sign language in library

On-site Interpreting

Services available for face-to-face/ In-person interpreting needs.

young lady using sign language during online virtual lesson with female

Remote Interpreting

Services available for virtual or remote interpreting needs.

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Appointments & Meetings

Parent/ Teacher meetings, specialty medical appointments, ARD meetings & more.
Available Onsite & Remote

Post Secondary Interpreting

Interpreting upper level material.
Universities, Colleges, Trade schools: classroom & lecture hall interpreting.
Available: Onsite & Remote

Primary & Secondary Interpreting

Pre K-12 Interpreting:
Elementary, Junior High, & High School Educational Setting
Available Onsite & Remote

Community & Conference

Professional interpreting for large events, such as: public & emergency announcements, corporate speeches,Church , & other large scale platform events.
Medical, mental health & community appointments.
Available On-Site & Remote

Looking for a certified interpreter for a medical appointment?

Here at VCS we insure our interpreters are certified, professional & screened to provide the utmost quality to our consumers & clients. Our interpreters follow a strict code of confidentiality outlined in the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)  as well as participate in professional development to further their education in their field of interpreting.




What is VRI (Video Remote Interpreting)?

Certified interpreting services are delivered remotely anywhere in the world. All that is needed to utilize VCS’s VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) services is a newer computer (2+ years or newer), a webcam and internet connection. Mobile VRI service are available from VCS for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices through VCI Mobile applications. Simple software download is required to enable streaming video viewed on a mobile device.

young female student learning sign language during online lesson

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